We offer professional and fun piano, voice, guitar, drums, flute and theory lessons for students aged 3 to 95!!

Why Choose Us?

We are a house of music

Our house is filled with music inside and out. We are passionate about music and we have a friendly environment where you can feel at home as you can enjoy listening to the music lessons.

Musical variety

We offer all kinds of musical tuition at our school. Piano lesson – classical and keyboard; flute and recorder lessons; voice coaching for the song birds; guitar and drum lessons – bass, acoustic, jazz; as well as theory for all musical instruments.

Accredited examinations

Our school is accredited to enter any student at any level into music exams.

Latest News

Superheroes Concert 2018

We held our Superheroes themed concert on Saturday the 3rd of November 2018. It was SUPER awesome!

National High School Careers Expo 2018

Saturday 26 May 2018, The Louis Nortje Music School had the great opportunity to take part in The National High School Careers Expo 2018

We were at the Linden Market, Autumn Edition on Saturday 9th April 2018

Under our signature blue gazebo, we advertised our music school and hosted a raffle.


We invite your come and visit us at our Linden or Robindale to see what we do at our music premises and to have a look at scheduling you in.


Call us to book a visit today!

Customised piano

Rent-a-Piano from us

RENT a Piano from Louis Nortje Music School today!

You can rent a piano from us for as little as R375 p/m. Tuning and delivery fees are lower than a bass clef; and there are a range of customised pianos to choose from.


Musical Services


Guitar lessons

Learn to play the guitar.

Have fun while you learn to strum on an acoustic, electric, bass, and other types of guitars. You’ll learn to read music and play your favourite songs all with the experienced tutelage of a guitar artist.

Drum lessons

Learn to play the drums.

Start off with the basic beats and theory while jamming with a rocking drummer. Let the rhythm take you to new levels and play your favourite tunes – all the while engaging in an array of musical expression.

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Piano lessons

Learn to play the piano.

Whether you want to be a novus or savant, we have the keys to get you there. We build a strong foundation in theory and encourage regular examinations at each level to help you to achieve your performance goals.

Flute lessons

Learn to play the flute.

Are you interested in playing the flute? It’s a fun and whimsical woodwind instrument. We offer flute and recorder lessons that is based on mastering musical melodic finger movement through thorough training that ultimately allows you to play in an orchestra, a band or on your own.